Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Outer Mongolia for the last 10 years you’ll know these guys.

That Budweiser campaign spawned 8 or 9 variants and even a song. They were a phenomenon and there were spinoffs galore –  including this gem from Scary Movie:

These guys did awesome things for the Budweiser brand by building goodwill on an exponential level. And after almost 8 years, they’re back. A little darker on the humour for sure…but also hopeful, and very pro-Obama. It’s another incredible push for the Democrats and a great example of the power of the viral campaign. Ironically, Cindy McCain (that’s Mrs. John McCain) has a considerable financial stake in Anheuser-Busch, the company that makes Budweiser. Wow. Democrats 1. Republicans 0.

A little something extra: Zappos has placed another free download link for Seth Godin’s new book “TRIBES”. All you gotta do is take a few minutes to register (it’s that whole Honour System thing). If you’re not sure you want to download the book or register, check out Seth’s main site or his blog (link in the blogroll) for more about the man and his work – or just download the sampler on the download page (no registration required). I’ve already got my copy from Audible. Thanks to Mitch Joel of TwistImage for the heads up.


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