Instant Publicity: what not to do…

Imagine becoming an overnight social-media celebrity like Vernon Koekemoer. Imagine you had the attention of the world. Sure you would have to put up with folks poking good-natured fun at you but then that’s what the other cheek is for. Think about it.  What would you do with that kind of fame? 

Well, you could do like Mr Koekemoer and parlay it into a money-spinner: product endorsements, red-carpet appearances and so on.

Whatever you do, don’t do what Nhlanhla Nene is (allegedly) planning. You remember Mr Nene?

Too funny!

Anyway, rather than spin something positive out of his new-found fame he’s decided to sue everyone involved with the broken chair incident.

Wrong move.

This from a guy who’s so famous he was featured on Perez Hilton’s website. How many local politicians have that kind of profile? He has the world at his feet. He enjoys the kind of publicity money can’t buy. Everyone wants to know what he’s gonna do or say next. Hell, he’s probably more popular than Jacob Zuma! And now according to an article on IOL he wants to sue …”but would not elaborate on who the envisioned respondents in a possible lawsuit could be”. Apparently, Nene has decided that the incident was not appropriate for someone of his professional standing.

And that’s just disappointing.

Before that incident I think you would find it difficult to locate anyone who could tell you who Nhlanhla Nene was or what his job was or what he looked like. Now he’s a household name and he wants to throw it all away simply because he feels his pride was injured. What a waste. Better he should use this platform to get people to listen to what he has to say. Book himself on the talk-show circuit –  radio and TV. Maybe cut a few ads promoting his message. Guest-star on a few soapies. Write a book. Take part in celebrity Fear Factor SA. Something/anything positive with a long-tail because this kind of instant-fame fades fast…

Personally, I think he should rather spend the money on launching his own line of office furniture. It would be an absolute winner.

PS: Thanks to for the heads up. If you’re in marketing/advertising/media and work in SA and you’re not subscribed to their newsletter, you should not be allowed to tie your own shoelaces.


3 thoughts on “Instant Publicity: what not to do…

  1. Hi Jacob1207

    I really dig the last line of your comment: “a confident, serious politician wouldn’t go to pieces just because his chair did”. That’s exactly it. All he’s going to do is look petulant and incapable of dealing professionally with what is really a minor incident .
    Thanks for visiting.

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