Something different…

Call it the result of spending too much time in a chilled-out position or whatever, but instead of my normal post, I decided to write something a little different today.

It could be you.

It could be you.

This past weekend, I stayed in a guest-house in Greyton. It’s beautiful there; a little slice of heaven-on-earth. But what really makes it worthwhile is the service:  breakfast delivered fresh and piping hot to your door; a housekeeping service that leaves the house looking like it was just unwrapped; hospitality of the highest order.

It got me thinking.

We live in a world that accepts mediocrity. Less-than-stellar service. Below average is in the new average. “It’ll do” is what we do. So when something really worthwhile comes along, it’s worth telling folks about it. And that’s kinda sad. It’s also a great opportunity.

Imagine applying “It’ll do”  to a marketing campaign. What do you get? Less-than-stellar, below average results. And yet, we do it. We go along simply for the sake of “getting it done.” And we never push the envelope on what we can really achieve. So why not take advantage of the opportunity to do something spectacular?

There’s a saying that goes “Fortune favours the bold”. It’s similar to “Faint heart never won fair lady”. And there’s another one that’s used by the SAS (Special Air Services, the UK’s elite military ops squad) that reads: “He who dares, wins”.

Spot the common thread?

This week, why not do something more than just what was required? Go for the big win. Let me know how it works out.

PS: Regular non-fluffy transmission resumes tomorrow.


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