UPDATE: The Return of Katie Green…

Not so long ago I blogged about Katie Green, the one-time Wonderbra spokesperson who resigned shortly after her appointment after being told she was too fat to model lingerie. 

Happy endings.

Happy endings.

In the post,I mentioned that if I were in competition with Wonderbra, I would be all over their mistake looking for a way to capitalise.

And it looks like someone was on the same wavelength.

Ultimo  have signed the curvy model for their lingerie brand. Michelle Mone, the creator of the range, is quoted on the website as saying that the signing of Katie was a postitve reminder that models need not be a size zero to have a career. “It’s also a bold statement to all those big-name brands out there that discriminate against curvy girls.” Katie joins the likes of Rachel Hunter, Mel B and Melissa Messenger who have all modeled for Ultimo.

I love happy endings. 

PS: Wonderbra said that they never told Katie Green to lose weight. It was Premier, the model-agency, that gave her that advice. Of course,  Wonderbra also didn’t say why they didn’t tell Katie NOT to lose weight.


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