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Spot the odd one out.

Spot the odd one out.

Recently, I worked on a campaign for a brand that had a very definite idea of what it was. The problem was that the consumers had a different idea. It wasn’t a bad thing. The consumers enjoyed the brand-experience, just not for the reasons the brand wanted. So the brand tried to force its reasons down the throats of its consumers. End result? Wasted money, time and effort.

Play to your strengths…and not the ones you think you have, but the ones people respond to. If you’re an AC radio station, why would you try to capture the Youth market? If you’re a beer that people enjoy because the bottle is easy to hold, why try to sell them on the taste? If your company is known for pizza, why try to convince people to buy your pasta?

“Bigger market share!” “We can make more money!” “Didn’t you say give people what they want?”

That’s certainly true and there’s nothing wrong with having extras…as long as your core message/offering remains the same and is not overshadowed by those extras. And it’s what your consumers want. By being all things to all people, you’re possibly taking away that one thing that sets you apart from the crowd, the thing that people will remember you for.

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