The Twits

Twitter: so what are you doing?

Twitter. It’s micro-blogging and it’s gathering steam amongst the local early-adopters. If you’re not on the stream, you’re missing out.

At its core, it’s your friends’ status updates delivered to your phone via mobile-web and SMS. But it’s also a community – a living global ecosystem that trades information in messages of 140 characters or less. Evolved, it’s the perfect way to get your marketing message onto mobile screens around the country, if not the world. You see, the beauty of Twitter is that it’s completely permission based. You have to approve the receipt of messages from other users. Think about it: targeted marketing messages delivered without fail to your market, who’ve given you permission to do so.

Not convinced?

In May 2008, New Scientist magazine  reported that instant messaging systems like Twitter did a better job of getting information out during emergencies such as the shootings at Virginia Tech than either the traditional news media or government emergency services.  Barack Obama has a Twitter element to his presidential campaign. NASA makes use of Twitter tech for updates from Space Shuttle missions and the ISS.

Granted, local mobile service-providers make using the full SMS functionality of Twitter impractical, but it’s catching on nonetheless. In fact, Capello’s Restaurant in Sandton makes use of the Twitter stream to publicise itself. And if the Tweets (messages on twitter) are anything to go by, it looks like Twitter users are frequenting the restaurant when they’re on that side of the world.

The applications are almost limitless: direct marketing, invitations to exclusive events, traffic reports, blog updates, live sports scores, election-watch… The community is already doing all this and more. Why aren’t you out there?

And yes I’m a Twit. Feel free to connect to me on Twitter via the link alongside.


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