How to damage your credibility in one easy step.

too chubby for some 


Katie Price: too chubby for some

Hypocrisy is its own punishment. Just ask Wonderbra. Their latest lingerie campaign targets “real” women (supposedly) and after a much-publicised search throughout the United Kingdom, former New Look shop assistant Katie Green was chosen to front the campaign because of her natural curves. She’s 5ft10, a size 12 with a 30F bust measurement.

This week it was announced by that Green had quit the campaign after being told she needed to lose weight and drop two dress sizes. Premier Model Management [the agency recommended by Wonderbra to handle Green] told Green that despite being selected for the ads because of her curves the normal size for models was size 8 to 10 and that she needed to lose two stone. 

Green was quoted as saying: “It’s been very hard for me. They [the modelling agency] told me that I had to lose weight and be like the other models or I was finished, so I decided to quit. I did not want to sacrifice my health or happiness.”

 Clearly “real” women aren’t wanted.  If they had wanted real women, Green’s weight would not have been an issue. Of course, everyone’s trying to duck and cover but the fact is someone behind the scenes screwed up – and the damage to Wonderbra’s credibility could be substantial. Personally, if I was working in the marketing departments of their competitors I’d be all over this to make sure of that. 

The lesson is simple: don’t say it if you don’t mean it. 


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