Is your company on Facebook?

Saws. For Juggling. Seriously.

No? Maybe that’s a good thing.

Leaving aside the fact that ALL CONTENT posted on Facebook becomes their property, having a Facebook presence is a tricky course to navigate.

You see, by putting your brand out there, you’re inviting not only positive but also negative commentary. And managing your brand’s reputation out there is about as easy as juggling chainsaws while bobbing for electric eels.

People will say what they want about you. Sure, you could censor them, but that will probably encourage them to set up their own group and slag you off at their leisure…not only for the initial problems they had with you, but also for trying to shut them up. In fact, I know of one chap whose immediate reaction to a Facebook group that had nothing good to say about his brand was to threaten them with legal action. Luckily, he was talked out of it.

Facebook is also not a “fire-and-forget” situation. Groups need remain relevant to their members (read: consumers) and will need to be updated regularly – probably more often than your standard blog, especially since Facebook groups are all about conversations. So you’re probably going to need to dedicate someone to managing that presence…preferably someone who’s skilled and experienced both in PR, Social Marketing and Digital – and preferably someone NOT from a Sales background. Just try to hard-sell people via Facebook. Just try.

And yes,  there are over a million users of Facebook in South Africa and more than 130 million worldwide, but how many of them actually want to be your brand ambassador? There has to be a certain level of social acceptability attached to your brand for people to want to endorse it by joining the group. Or at least a compelling personal or financial reward. What’s in it for them? Will they gain status by being identified with your brand? What are you offering? Why should they care? Remember you’re approaching them for added-value; not the other way around.

There are probably a dozen or so more reasons NOT to be on Facebook, but these are the few off the top of my head. If you can think of anymore, feel free to paste them in comment box below.

By the way: still want to launch a group on Facebook? Good luck.


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