Getting your customers to work for you…

Remember when everyone was buzzing about getting consumers to generate content? “We must have a platform for our consumers to create content! Set up a blog! Set up a webpage! Get podcasts!”

End-result? A whole bunch of people yelling at their favourite brands and the brands acting on maybe a couple of suggestions or simply ignoring them altogether. Panem et circenses indeed.  

But what if you ran your business around your customers’ suggestions? Imagine what it would mean to your business if you could give your consumers exactly what they asked for?

At the tip of this iceberg are advice-sites, where the members of the community offer free advice to other members. This advice can range from the fashion-police variety to even relationship-advice . Usually this is anonymous, the membership is free (to encourage maximum interaction) and the content is usually not protected, so for anyone running a research project or looking for a starting-point for a book, this is a great way to go about it.

But how do you turn this into money?

FACT: a simple, MASS-PRODUCED t-shirt from YDE or any such “designer store” will set you back around R300. It’s not even a limited edition item. Enter… 


Just one of the designs from

Just one of the designs from

Designers create their own original t-shirts and the community (that means you) votes for its favourites. The best designs get sold on the site, giving new designers a chance to showcase their work and consumers a real voice. Best of all, these are (for the most part) limited edition items. Springleap is great but it’s not new. The USA version is called Check it out.

It’s such a simple thought: just give the people what they ask for…


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