Have you hugged your President today?


Bush-hug: creepy.

There are still folks who question the efficacy of engaging with their consumers.

2 words: Republican. Democrat.

Every 4 years (with the exception of the last run), the race for the Presidency in the States shows us just how effective social engagement is.  A presidential candidate has to go out and meet the people he wants to win over. He has to engage his target market on a personal level. He has to hear them out and promise to fix their problems. There are debates, speeches and most importantly Q&A sessions with the public. The last-mentioned is a powerful exercise in social marketing because it gets the candidate talking to the people and those people talking about the candidate.

That’s stage one. Stage two is keeping all those people happy, keeping those promises that were made – or he’ll be looking for another job in 4 years….or less. 

Don’t get me wrong. Social marketing is not the be all and end all. Yes, you need the more traditional means of distributing your message, but opportunities for social marketing must be included. After all it did get George W Bush elected as president…first time around anyway…



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